Help with SCADA, VB6 & RCM6700

Anyone know how to turn on/off an output, and read an input from RCM6700 Core module with a VB6 program??

The simplest protocol for this would probably be Modbus. This can be run over a serial link or TCP/IP and I would not be suprised to find some VB libraries available for this.


What you say is:
Load the protocol “Modbus” in the VB6 application and in the RabbitCore program?

Short answer yes…

Long answer:

There are Modbus libraries in Dynamic C for master and slave implementations but there is no specific example for the RCM6700. There is a sample slave implementation for the BL4S100 and this would serve as a good starting point to develop an implementation for the RCM6700.

I don’t know what the situation with VB6 is but a few minutes searching with Google shows lots of hits for this topic so I would reckon there is some hope for a solution which could be tweaked to your needs.


Tanks Peter. Now i going to make some smoke, and when return start with your idea :wink: