help with xbee modules

Hi, friends. I’m new user an I’m want to learn how to program Xbee modules. In Fact, i need to develop a project to make a “shift turns project” for making calls from 20 or 30 different points and be able to rdetermine wich of them made dee call.
I read about this and I hearded it is posible. I want to use a Pic microcontroler to make the central and display the callings in an screen.

Thanks for your comments


You can fine some Python examples related to Zigbee modules at the following link.”.

As long as 1 of yoru nodes is in API mode, then the PIC attached to that XBee can receive the MAC address of any incoming messages. So the 20 to 30 remote can just send a message, and the central node knows which remote it came from.