Help with XBP24

I have two XBP24.
In X-CTU during changing firmware from 10CD to 10A2 in final I have message about error and after my XBP24 can’t communicate with X-CTU. and on board yellow LED is constantly flashes dimly.

How can I reset firmware or may be rechanged firmware? Help me please

P.S. sorry for my English…


Try wiggling the module in it’s socket. Perhaps you don’t have a good connection and it’s not powering up completely.

You can also try reflashing the firmware. From XCTU, set the serial port to 9600 baud and non-API mode (XCTU -> ‘PC settings’ tab). Then goto the ‘modem configuration’ tab. select your modem (xbp24-ZB). press 'show defaults button. check the ‘always update firmware’. press ‘write’ button to attempt to rewrite the firmware.