hopping data through multiple routers

i am having problem connecting two routers serially to hop data from end point to coordinator kept at far distance from each other. i want to hop data through 4 routers serially.
I tried connecting three xbee s2c (1 coordinator, 2 routers) from my laptop and checked data transfer through xctu console, data i am sending through router 2 is shown in coordinator console log and not in router 1 console log, instead of giving SH and SL of router 1 to router 2.

Please help us with the settings of these routers, if any required.

You are not going to see data as it is hop or the path it takes via that way.

You are only going to see data that is sent OUT the uart of that node that way. Data that is Unicasted to other nodes is not sent out the UART of the forwarding routers.

If you want to map a network then you need to use the network Working function in XCTU.

As for through put, you would have to have it so that each node was only in range of the next for that to work. For example, Coordinator would have to only be in range of router 1, router 1 would be in range of both the coordinator and router 2, router 2 would have to be in range of both Router 1 and router 3, router 3 would have to be in range of only router 2 and router 4.

Then you could use the through put to loop back data from the Coordinator to router 4.