How can I assign Cluster IDs to devices with API firmware?

The AT command “CI” looks to set the cluster ID for only devices with AT firmware. I wish to use API firmware on my devices and would like to use API frame 0x91- “ZigBee Explicit Rx Indicator” to address devices with the correct Cluster ID. So my questions is how do I set Cluster IDs on devices when they have API firmware?

TIA, John

There are 2 ways.

One is to go to ‘Modem Configuration’ tab of X-CTU software and edit that parameter and at last click the ‘Write’ button to save it.

Second it by sending 0x08 AT command API packet.

Hi killer32,

I’ve tried using 0x17 to send remote AT command ‘CI - Cluster Identifier’ because the router device I need to set the cluster ID on is only accessible through the Coordinator. In the application I won’t have a way to directly connect to it. These attempts fail with a return status of Invalid Command. Seems odd that to set the Cluster ID the firmware must be AT, but the command to address the devices with Cluster IDs (0x11) is an API command…

Other details, I’m using the following.
Xbee Pro S2B, configured as XBee modem XBP24BZ7.
Coordinator and Router firmware is ZigBee API.


I was not knowing it.

Seems like you are correct, its mentioned in command description of “CI” in product manual as well.