How can I associate a domain name with the IP address of RCM 3000 board using DNS ?

I am working on a project using RCM3000 which acting as a UDP server. Here, instead of accessing board using an IP address,I need to use a domain name. For this purpose, I need to associate the IP address with a domain name using DNS. Is it possible ? How can I make it ? Kindly reply.

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Hello, If you want to access the device with the name, the device name should be in the DNS server list then only you can access the device with the name.
Just for your information please check the below link, It explains how does the DNS works

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Also note that depending on what router you’re using, it might be possible to reserve an IP address in the DHCP server settings, and also maintain an entry in the DNS server settings to associate a hostname with it.

You can also make use of a Dynamic DNS service such as There’s a sample in Dynamic C 10 for using, and it shouldn’t be difficult to port it to Dynamic C 9 (which also includes a version of the http_client.lib library used in the sample).