How can I handle with external events?

Hi, i use Digi NetOS 7.1 on Connect ME.

I read the NetOS Kernal Guide on page 47. I understand: NetOS supports triggering of processes by Interrupts, but on bottom of page 48 I understand: To execute ISRs, the progamm leave the NetOS System.

What is wrong and how can I trigger threads with external events?

I have used the interrupt capability with NetOS 6.3 on the ConnectCore 7U module and got it to work.

The ME module that you are using uses the NS7250 processor that is the same as that on the &U module. With this processor the possible interrupt lines are on PortC[0…3]. The Connect ME Hardware referece (P32) indicates that PC1 is marked as DEV Kit Only and the others are reserved. However PC1 is defined to be on pin P1-18 which does not exist on the ConnectME modules that I have.

Overall, NetOS supports operation with interrupts but the ME module does not actually bring out any hardware lines that can be used for interrupts. If you must have external interrupt I believe that you need to use one of the other modules (possibly ConnectCore 7U)