How can I see all incoming/outgoing packets in XCTU?

I have an XBee3 (with an Xbee Groove Dev Board) connected via SoftSserial to an Arduino Uno (Xbee DOUT Pin to Uno RX Pin, Xbee DIN Pin to Uno TX Pin). Everything is in perfect working order sending/receiving packets to/from the coordinator thru the XBee and to/from the Arduino Uno.

When I connect my PC to the Groove dev board via USB, in XCTU Console Working Mode, I can only see wireless packets received from the coordinator and XBee AT responses sent to the Arduino, but I cannot see packets sent from the Arduino Uno. In other words, XCTU shows the packets sent TO the Arduino Uno, but it does not show the packets sent FROM the Arduino Uno.

Debugging and troubleshooting would be a lot simpler if XCTU showed all packets sent/received by the Xbee, is this by design? or a configuration issue?


Anybody? anything?

Digi Support?

Anybody? anything? Support?