How can I send frames to S2B from a PC?

I’ve started playing with the S2B dev kit and I’m having some success. However I’ve run into a sort of wall trying to send frames from the PC (although AT commands seem to be working fine).

What I would like to do is send something that I can catch in the xbee_rx_simple_handler (for example) and then do something with the SPI bus based on that. I think I have the SPI part figured out but no matter what I do, I can’t get the remote unit to fall into the rx handler (when sending from the PC - sending from another xbee works fine).

Thanks in advance!

Hello Jeffrey,

I’m not sure if I understood the question. Did you tried with the Receive Simple Frames example? Follow the example’s readme.txt instructions and you should see the “Hello XBee!” payload in your handler. Does XStick the rigth firmware flashed? Can you discover the PXBee from the Xstick?

Wow, I completely missed the readme somehow. I’ll try that tomorrow and see if I have more luck. Thanks!

That worked, thank you!!