How can I setup the Xtend-PKG modems in the mesh network, or one to multiple point

what version do I need?
DIP switches settings
Configuration settings

Documentation on Mesh Network and multipoint network

Thank you

You can find the documentation online at

Generally speaking, unless you have more than 5 hops, the built in repeater function will provide you with higher throughput’s over the mesh code (pages 52 - 54).

For the Mesh versions, switches 5 and 6 remain in user defined mode. You then set the DL and DH of the transmitting radio to the SL and SH of the intended recipient. IE the node you want the data to come out the COM port of. Firmware version you should used for Mesh is 8064. This product is also only certified for use in the North America region of the world and in Australia using the AUS versions of the code.