How can I ssh into ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro


I am very confused about how to ssh into a ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro. This SBC is currently installed with Digi Embedded Yocto.

I used to use putty to ssh to login Beaglebone. For that, I only need to do:
ssh debian@

Now, with this SBC, I am not sure which IP address I should use… I know the user is root. However, by doing:
ssh root@

I cannot connect to the SBC.

My laptop can connect with SBC through USE and ethernet.

Thank you for helping me with this problem!


ssh should work out of the box. root is the correct username.
run ifconfig on the SBC and you will see what interfaces are connected and their IPs
Are you able to ping the board?

what is USE?