How can I troubleshoot a Link between 2 XBee-868-Pro

I have one Xbee connected to the PC (XTCU) and the other one connected to a host processor.
Both of them are in API Escaped Mode.
The other parameters are on default. ID is 0x7FFF.
I can send AT(08) commands to both of them.
But I cannot discover the other one.
Sometimes the other one is discovered , but is described
as in Sleepmode (SM=0, should not occur).

Please give some hints.

What is the API frame you are using to Discover the other radio?

What happens if you use a mixture of transparent mode and API mode between the two?

hi mvut,

I’m using API2 and XTCU 6.1.2.
I’m still experiencing this behavior. How can I debug this.
XTCU is waiting in
“Discovery remote devices…”

Uups, during my writing, it discovered my device. How long, I have to wait at least? For minutes?

Is there any document to describe the process?


My configuration is like this:
Your text to link here…

I’ve just read in the xbee-arduino-project, that the XBee after HW_Reset or Wake-UP:
when XBee powers up it sends a modem status 0 (hardware reset), followed by a 2 (Joined Network), assumming it’s configured correctly
// when XBee is woken up it sends a modem status 2 (Joined Network)

At me, only the modem status 0 is received, why? When will the Joined
Network will be send?