How do I connect the AnywhereUSB2 from a remote location back to home base, via a VPN?

The situation we have. We want to program USB Dongles from remote locations. In order to do this we need to access the USB dongle from our “Home Base” computer which has the master LPT dongles for programing plugged into it.
We have an AnywhereUSB2, we want to able to plug a USB Dongle into it, with the unit plugged directly into an ethernet port of a Laptop at a location anywhere in the world with internet access. We can setup a VPN back to “Home Base” computer, but we can’t get the “Home Base” computer to see the AnywhereUSB2 device hooked into the Laptop (at the remote location). Is there any way to get this to work?

The AnywhereUSB/2 may be connected to one computer at a time. If it’s connected to a laptop, then it would need to first get disconnected from the laptop before another computer (such as the Home Base computer) can connect to it.