How do I factory reset XBP24-AWI-080 manually?

Hey, I bought some Series 1 XBP24-AWI-080 modules used from a wholesaler with unknown settings. I was not able to connect it via. XCTU and USB through gateway mode.

Afterwards, I connect it with remote programming using an outside Series 1 module and it says in sleep mode.

IS there any way I can reset the module to factory settings through the physical layer (ie. apply a voltage to a pin). I have no way to know the initial settings of the module.

If not, can you please explain how to connect my XBP24-API-001 module to remotely program the XBP24-AWI-080?

I know they are different models, but they are both series 1 and accept AT commands to my knowledge. The problem is that XCTU says the remote device cannot be initialized.

Try following the steps outlined at