How to reset XB24-API from XCTU? XCTU doesn't have a firmware XB24-API. XB24 could be the right one?

I’ve just receive the box "XBee Coding Platform. When I go to add a device with XCTU, I’m being told to reset the radio module.
When I go to Tools.XBee recovery I don’t find an XB24-API, many other choices, XB24 among them.

What shoud I do? Thanks in advance.


When you receive reset warning on XCTU, press RESET button on interface board for a second and then release.

If your interface don’t have RESET button, then short RESET pin (pin 5 for XB24-API) with GND (pin 10 for XB24-API) using jumper wire for a second.

For the other question, yes “XB24” is correct choice for these modules.

Thank you killer32. Perfect answer to my newbie question.