unable to recover the module

XCTU is unable to detect the Radio module.
–> “Action Require - Reset your radio module. If this dialog is no closed within 10 seconds, click cancel”

So, I try the recovery tool with Produce family: XB8-DM, while recover the module boar dis asking reset if gave reset also is not taking. not the dialog is not closed.

can you please advice me how can i able to recover the module

one more is their any problem to corrupted firmware when i am changing settings in API mode

No, changing API mode don’t create any issue to module.

Either you module has more serious issues or its dead. Contact Digi Technical Support for assistance.

What configuration program are you using?

What interface board is your radio module using?

i am using xbee s8 with firware vesion of 8059
and i am using DIGI usb board

If XCTU can’t detect the radio, there’s 3 possibilities

1 - the radio module is bad
2 - the interface board is bad
3 - the loopback jumper on the interface board is closed and preventing any transfer of data between the module and the PC

Hello CSreddy,

Your XB8-DM isn’t the programmable variant by chance?

You can tell by the part number.

XB8-DMRSB002 (The “B” before the 002 designates programmable)

If it is programmable, then XCTU has a checkbox for this.

yes its programmable module only

the part number is XBee8-DMUS-002