How do I provide 12v power from RS-232 port on 900HP modem?

I’ve used the XBee pro 2.4 networking adapters to provide port power (12v DC) from pin 9 on the RS-232 connector. Can this be done on the 900hp RF modems? Any assistance would be appreciated.

The 900HP RF modem can be powered externally using 12V power on pin 9 of the serial connection, provided that no other external power (from the barrel jack) is connected. This does not require a jumper of any sort.

Thanks for that. Interesting. Although I’m trying to power a device that is attached to the radio via the db9 connector pin 9 not the other way around. We actually heard back from Digi support, it seems this can’t be done on the S3B RF adapters. This is disappointing because in some cases we use this on the 2.4 Ghz S2B XBee Network Adapters. Oh well. Thanks again.