How do you send data from Rabbit 2000 to MATLAB?

I am looking to export data from Rabbit2000; an IR sensor and a POT, and then graph against each other in MATLAB.

The POT sets the input for a desired location and the IR reads the actual position.

What methods does MATLAB support for importing data?

How do you want to pull the data from the Rabbit? Serially? Over Ethernet? Stored to a file on an SD card that you remove and insert into a PC?

Why Rabbit 2000 hardware instead of an RCM6700?

Matlab supports this method for importing data.

I am using rabbit2000 because that is what I have available.

If you want to send data serially to MATLAB, you can use the functions in RS232.LIB. Take a look at Samples/SERIAL/PUTS.C for a simple example of sending a string out on serial port B.

The POT and IR sensor sound like they might be analog devices? Are you using a Rabbit module with an ADC to convert analog readings?

I recommend exploring the sample programs and using samples as starting points for various pieces of your application. Work on code to read the POT and IR sensor, then code to format the data in a way that MATLAB can process it, and then add in the code to send it over the serial port.