How enable auto complete in ESP?

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to enable auto-complete in the C/C++ Editor of the NETOS ESP IDE.

In Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Editor > Content Assist, I have everything checked.

In Content Assist > Advanced, I have everything checked.

I have closed and reopened documents. I have quit and re-opened ESP.

Still, I have to type control-space to get auto-complete options to appear. I want them to appear automatically.

What have I missed.

TIA, greg

Hello Greg

 The only things I can find are as follows:

  In ESP on the top look for the Help menu item. Click on Help and then Help Contents. In the entry area next to the word  "Search" type in Content Assist. There are four or five entries that explain using "Content Assist" in the eclipse that ships with NET+OS.

Which this:

You trigger the Code completion feature when you call Content Assist (such as when you type Ctrl+Space), but it is auto-activated when you type “.”, “->” or “::”.

implies there is no way for it to “auto activate” on its own – like it would in every other IDE I have ever used (at least a half dozen).

Hmmm. Really? No one else in the Eclipse universe has ever expected auto-complete to auto-activate?

Well, thanks. I poked around the help, but at first glance assumed I was just missing something.