how I can measure the XBee signal RSSI ?

I’m about to ask a related question - but can answer yours… this applies to an S2B

in AT mode, use +++ to get to the AT command prompt, and enter ATDB

in API mode, use a packet like: 7e 00 04 08 52 44 42 1F

You’ll get a response like: 7e 00 06 88 52 44 42 00 2F 70

the last 2 bytes before the checksum are the signal strength (00 2F)

Hello. I am working in API mode, the coordinator (configured as API coordinator) send the frame 7e 00 04 08 52 44 42 1F to Xbee end device, but the xbee end device API set as I do not get a response.
as I coonfigurar the XBEE to be answered?

hello, I sent the frame 7e 00 04 08 52 44 42 1F but I have no response xbee end device. coordinator (configured as API coordinator), and the end device (configured as AT end device).

I put them both in API mode?

enter into AT mode by giving +++

once entered it replies with OK

type ATDB and enter

you will get the nearby paired xbee RSSI value(if series2) for series 1 it automaticallt detects and eply with rssi value…

from the RSSI dbm value the distance can be calculated easily.

as checked for

rssi 0 ------ <1 mtrs

rssi 1 ------ >1 to <3 mtrs

rssi 2 ------ >3 to <5 mtrs

rssi 3 ------ >5 to <7 mtrs

rssi 4 ------ >7 to <9 mtrs

rssi 5 ------ >9 mtrs

Hey is there anyway to find the rssi using python.