How can I chech the rssi of xbee when I am connected to an access point

In S6B modules, you can query RSSI value of last received packet with “LM” Link Margin AT command i.e. “ATLM”

Thanks for the reply.
One thing which I didn’t mention was, I want to connect my Xbee Wifi module to a router nearby. So is there any way to receive and decode the TCP packets sent. What kind of frame do I need to frame if in API?
Also should the query ATLM be done in API mode or in AT mode

I’m not sure what you mean by “to receive and decode the TCP packets sent”.

“LM” AT command can be queried in both AT and API mode.

Thanks for that. I must be wrong in expressing my query!!!. Finally I got it using LM command in AT mode. Thanks again.