How soft Ap web page can be accessed through pc?

I have Xbee s6b WiFi module with the firmware version of 2021 and above. I turned my WiFi module as soft AP and tried to access the web page from the browser using the ip but unsuccessful. Some times it is saying that web page not available and some times ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE from server.

If anyone are successful in accessing the soft AP web page please guide me.

And also please explain about soft ap provisioning and pass through modes, Which mode is used for accessing the web page from pc.

Try reading your MY value and then placing that address into the browser.

Thanks for the reply, I already tried using MY value, i’m getting an error message saying ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE from server. Please look into my question i have mentioned clearly about the problem.

Have you connected your pc to the xbee-xxxxxxxx AP
can you ping
and does ipconfig (dos command) show you have a gateway ip of