Xbee S6B wifi UDP and ad hoc or soft ap

So, I had been using a WiFly RN-XV for our new controller project but I was having reliabliity problems so i thought I would try the S6B instead. It was been working great, but I have one big issue. Our goal is to have our users take our controller out of the box and set it up using their IOS or Android device. With the WiFly, we could create a SoftAP or Adhoc network that would broadcast a UDP packet so our app could easily find it on the network and allow the user to connect to the device and enter settings to add it to their own home wifi network. it seems that the S6B can’t do this? If not, is there any other way to enable this kind of easy to use wifi setup for a consumer user? Thanks.

Why are you not configuring them for soft AP mode before you send it?

Hi. The html file displayed by the chip is great for us to use for testing, but for an end user of a consumer product if it not very attractive nor is it user friendly. We wanted to to be able to create our own setup interface using SoftAP mode. Normally our code talks via UDP, but apparently UDP isn’t available in SoftAP mode?