how the host xbee identifies the pan id of remote xbee to sent command

i am using xbp24 series xbee
if we have 2 xbees having same pan id an a 3rd one having a different one how the host xbee identifies the xbee having the same pan id and response it.

as the 3rd xbee having different pan id host xbee could nt communicate with it.

so please can any one clarify it?

Regarding the 2 XBee on same PAN as the host:

  • If you use the API mode, then the incoming messages include the address of the sensder.
  • If you use the AT mode, then your protocol MUST include an address or identifer - it is not possible for the HOST in AT mode to understand who sent the data it sees.

As for the 3rd XBee with different PAN - that XBee does not exist to the HOST. You cannot see it or even know that it exists.