Can't read or set PAN ID "ATEI" not working?

I made a program that reads and set the Channel and PAN ID for xBee radios.
The problem I’m having is I have 2 kinds of xBee radios. One style refuses to give me the PAN ID. Not sure why as it responds to getting channel, version and address requests.
I am sending “ATEI” as the command to get the PAN ID. The reply translates as “ERROR” for one style of radio, the other style radio gives me an actual PAN ID number.

Everything works fine for the initial radios I have:
Modem type = XB24-B
Firmware Ver. = 2241

TX: 41 54 45 49 0D
RX: 38 30 31 0D - translates to 801

Now I have another style that will not cooperate as far as PAN ID.
Modem type = XBP24-B
Firmware Ver. = 22A0

TX: 41 54 45 49 0D
RX: 45 52 52 4F 52 0D - translates to Error

Anybody know why I can’t read the PAN ID on one style of radio?


ID is the parameter to read PAN ID, send ATID command.

Thanks kavya.

That did the trick. Guess the EI command isn’t fully supported across all the models but ID is. The docs I have only mention using EI.

Here the product manual for Zigbee modules,

Hope this helps!