How to add node to existing sleeping network?

I have existing DigiMesh 2.4 network using synchronized cyclic sleep. Only one node is in sleep support mode and this node is quiet far from all others nodes (but have radio visibility to two of them). My network is set to SP=117sec, ST=3sec so it’s wake for 3 seconds every 2 minutes.
All nodes (except sleep support node) are battery operated.

Which is the best way to add new node to this network?

  • i can take it to place where it can hear SLEEP SUPPORT node (but it’s quiet compliaced as i have to climb to specific place in this area)
  • i can use commisioning button to some existing node to wake it for 30sec but this is too quiet complicated as nodes are in waterproof boxes and i have to open this box to perss button.
  • i can make some “service node” - battery operated but in sleep support mode, bring it to this site with me, power it up, get it in sync and then use it as aid to get sync to newly provisioned node but this is quiet complacetd too (as i have to wait few minutes to SYNC this aid node and then to sync newly provisioned node - i want to increase sleep time to 5 or 10 minutes in feature…)

Can i set some shorter SP and ST values in newly provisioned node (plus set NO SLEEP COORDINATOR flag)? Maybe i can set ST=5sec and SP=1sec so this new node is UP almost all the time and after SYNCing with network it will use network’s SP and ST values. It’s good idea?

Read the steps outlined on page 51 of the manual located at Thoughts are your only options.

The new link for the referenced DigiMesh 2.4 documentation is You can also now find an HTML version of this documentation at