How to configure xbee s2 for direct input

I want to use a xbee s2 set as coordinator and a xbee s2 set as router. I want to know how to configure them using X-CTU so that I can send data from a DHT11 sensor connected directly on pin 20 from router and how can I see what am I receiving on the coordinator.
Thank you!

You can see the data received in XCTU terminal. Before it you have to configure it as coordinator API and router API.
Then set one of the analog pin of router xbee as adc.
Connect the sensor Output to that analog pin
If you successfully configure both xbee then a continuous i/o sample packet will be received by cordinator xbee which can be seen in XCTU terminal.
This link may be more helpful Configuring xbee with XCTU

The dht11 is a digital sensor. Can I use the adc pin mode?