How to configure Xbee series 1 & 2 using API mode without using X-CTU over the air ?

I would to like to create a mesh using xbee series 1 or series 2 . I would configure coordinator , router , end node using X-CTU and change all these to API mode.

But , now I would like to introduce new end node in the network . Can I configure new end node without using X-CTU , using API mode over the air ?

I dont want to use X-CTU for introducing new nodes into the network.

Is there any program to scan for available PAN’s and then choosing required available PAN and configuring the new end node over the air without using X-CTU , using API mode .

Any of the radios settings can be modified using the API interface and the remote AT command API function calls. Just understand that you can’t configure a remote module till it has associated to the network already.

The scanning and association process is covered within the radios firmware and associated commands. I would suggest reading over the product manual for the XBee ZB (s2B) modules to understand how that function works.

Thanks buddy for the response ,I will refer the product manual :slight_smile:

I want to know whether can Zigbee/XBee Routers Automatically Associate with Coordinators. It would a tedious job for us to configure large no. of Xbee modules manually . Is there any way modules can join any available network ?

Sure they will. That is their default configuration is to associate to any network that is allowing Joining on the same PAN ID and channel mask. You can also use the Network Reset command (NR0) to tell them to leave the current network and go looking for a new network.