how to configure Xbee without PC?

I want to completely eliminate PC involvement. I want to configure xbee for a simple point to point comms. Is this possible using AT command set??


There is one option to configure XBee without using PC directly using a ConnectPort X gateway.
You can form network between gateway and XBee module and can configure the XBee.

Hello AJ84,

You need to be more specific to what kind of XBee you are referring to (Series 1, Series 2, Programmable, PRO, DigiMesh, etc.)
Most configuration can be done through AT commands. Some modules (such as ZigBee Series 2 or DigiMesh) support reading/writing the AT commands remotely (as 16ksa23 suggested to do with a ConnectPort GW), but some others only support local AT commands through the serial port. Please refer to your module’s Reference Manual to learn how to do so.

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Thanks Sebastian. I am mostly looking at Xbee series 1 module. something very simple as i dont need mesh networking or anything. I just need it for simple point to point communication. Why I said I want to remove PC involvement because we are gonna be making a lot of these. So i dont want people to configure each and everyone of the these xbee. I Just want people to take xbee off the shelf, solder it on to the PCB and run it with the microcontroller already programmed.

So the answer is “yes, you can configure it through AT commands” :slight_smile: