How to connect 4 buttons to a coordinator with sleep mode enabled


I need to create a XBee based network with a coordinator plugged to an arduino and 4 standalone remote buttons that need to work with a 3,3v battery.

Each time a button is pressed, the associated XBee need to send a signal to the coordinator. The coordinator will be linked to 4 digital pins of the arduino.

I work with XBees S1.

I managed to create a working prototype but my 4 remotes went down after a few minutes I think because the XBee sent to many useless data.

I read a lot of things about sleep modes but I didn’t found the perfect solution. What I think to be the perfect solution would be the following one :

  • The Xbee sleeps
  • I push the button
  • The Xbee wakes up because he received a signal (and not the contrary)
  • I relase the button
  • The Xbee sleeps again now or after a few second (I need to manage double push and long push too…)

I’m ok to add a on/off button on the remotes but they need to stay alive for at least 8 hours when they are on.

Could you help me to find the correct configuration with the XCTU software ?

Thanks a lot !

The directions listed at will do what you want. But you are going to need to add some timing circuit to the inputs to input side to wake the module first before the lines are samples and transmitted.

Thanks for your answer ! Are you talking about a physical timer component or the DIO line timer with the IR param ?

I found a component called 555 timer but it seems to work only with 5V and more. What about a simple capacitor ?

Thanks again.

Yes the IC samples before transmit could possibly work for what you want to do.