how to ensure that the drivers are loaded before services ?


everything is working correctly. using it with VMware ESX 3
but, i have to manually “restart” the services (flexlm)

because the flexlm-service is loaded before the anywhereusb drivers are fully loaded.

is there a workaround for that situation ?

thanks, peter

Hello Peter,

Instructions for Delaying a Windows service:

In order to create a new dependency you will need to open your registry editor and browse to HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/. Select the subkey containing the service you wish to create the dependency for and create a new “Multi-String” value named “DependOnService” with a data type of REG_MULTI_SZ. In the “Value data” field, type the name of the service or services you wish to start before this service, putting one entry per line. The name of the service is exactly as it appears under the services key.

This article covers the subject as well:;en-us;193888
The bottom section is most relevant to you (making your USB key-related service run after another one that’s known to start late), particularly “Note If you have a service that needs to start late in the boot cycle but you do not have a specific service dependency, as explained above, then choose one of the services which startup last as the data value for the value “Depends on Service”. Services commonly selected are Spooler and Messenger.”

Since the AnywhereUSB has its own service, I recommend using that as the dependency (instead of Spooler or Messenger). The AnywhereUSB service is called “awusbsys”.

jeremy, thanks for your help

this is exactly what i was thinking about.
in detail i want to make a service-group-dependency.

my service (flexlm) depends on the service-goup “Network-Provider”

better would be, if it depends to “Extended Base” - service group (the service-goup where awusbsys is started)

what would you say, if i move the “Extended Base” - service group before, the “Network-Provider”-group ?

but making a dependency to the awusbsys-service, sounds like a really GOOD idea, also.

moving startup-order of the serice groups would be cool, because i dont have to think about it again (when somebody installs a fresh new service)

what do you think ?

anyway thanks for the provided solution
HIGHLY appreciated, peter

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Sounds good to me, Peter. Please let me know how that works out!