How to generate .bin from CodeWarrior for programmable XBee

I’m trying to flash an XBee example application in to my programmable XBee.

I don’t have the debugger kit and found this topic say I should generate the binary file and upload it via X-CTU.

However, when I click ‘Build’ or ‘Build All’, CodeWarrior 10.2 will generate the .abs file and .abs.s19 (i.e. ‘bootloader.abs.s19’).
I can’t find the .bin file which I need it to upload from X-CTU.

How to generate .bin file from CodeWarrior 10.2 for X-CTU?

Look through the help file in your Code Warrior Development studio. There are steps within the help file that will walk you through that process.

I’ve searched over and over again here for while… can you please specify more what keyword should I use at least?

Thanks you for your reply

I did a search for “creating a binary file”.