How to get raw port logs SNMP - Portserver?

I am running several Portserver TS 16 devices and I am wanting to log the raw port data preferably over ethernet. I have ports setup as Serial Masters with a PLC connected.

I know I can view the logs in the web browser interface and I can also log the data from the PLC. What I want to know is if there is a way to get the data out for logging purposes via SNMP. This will help prove that data is successfully passing through the Portserver.

Are there raw port log traps available or is there a way to write your own traps?

DPA Port Authority doesnt seem to have a way I can find to catch raw port logs of all data coming through a port.

You may want to look into the port logging feature.

To view the possible settings, issue the following from the root prompt of the PortServer unit (CLI):

set logport ?

You will have the ability to send the serial data to a syslog server.

Other than that I am not aware of any means for accomplishing this using SNMP and you would likely need a serial analyzer.

Hi userid0

Thanks for the advice. I am going to try the syslog route which I am not familiar with so its going to require some trial and error.

It would be great to have a way to extract port serial logs from the Digi device itself without having to use analyzers and the like.

If you were running the Linux RealPort driver, this could be done using the dpa.dgrp utility. It is just not available “natively”.

I have successfully got the syslog method to work. I can see the data coming from the port in the logs. Thanks for the suggestion.

One more thing though, if I configure the syslog settings through telnet using “set logport” do these settings persist after power cycling the device.

If not I would need to run the command everytime the device starts up after being power cycled. I cannot shut down the device now to test.

Is it possible to get commands to “autoexec” on startup?