How to group the devices in cloud?


I have configured the cloud and devices as follows,

  1. added 10 devices (device Id) to the cloud
  2. Using admin credentials i have added 2 users (user1 & user2)

I want to group the devices, i.e. user 1 can view/edit only first 5 devices and user 2 can view/edit only other 5 devices.

Is it possible to configure as above? if yes, how can i configure the cloud for the above scenario?

Your help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

This is currently not possible, however it is my understanding that this is something that is on the roadmap.


userid0 thanks for your response…

Wanted to know more about how Etherios handles these types of situation.

Is there any security mechanism to Mobile device, which can control only selected devices?

I have a scenario like,
1.10 gateways connected to the cloud, which is nothing but 10 customers
2. Added 10 customers (user-id) in cloud
3. Don’t want give access to all the customers to view all 10 customers data. which is obviously not the correct way.

This is the most practical situation in the cloud based systems. How Etherios cloud handles these scenarios?

Thanks in advance… Waiting for the response…