How to have a bi-directional communication between two xbee s2

Hello. How to have a bidirectional communication between two xbee s2 modules? One is on the computer the other one is on the arduino? Like i want to send a string “Feed” or other string to the Xbee in the arduino from the computer and the Xbee from the arduino will send a notification to the xbee in the laptop?

Have you established a network yet with one being a coordinator an the other the default state being a router?

Have you tried running a simple range test yet between them?

Yes I configure already the router and coordinator and they have broadcast configuration too.

What you mean range test?

A range test is a function in Digi’s XCTU that verifies two way communications between radios. Try following the steps located at for one option on how to configure two radios to talk to each other.