How to remotely reset network config. on ZigBee routers

I have some XBee devices configured as routers, connected to a coordinator (Gateway X4), but I had to replace the coordinator and I don´t have info on the PAN ID that was being used, and I can´t fisically reach the routers to reset them. Is it possible to remotely reset them using an XStick USB as coordinator and modify their PAN ID so they can connect to the XStick or a new gateway ?

See Chapter 3 of the XBee Pro User Manual under Coordinator Operation - Replacing a Coordinator. Details are in the documentation.

Yes, I understand that, but I can´t read the parameters from any router (I can´t get to them, unless I can do this remotely). This is why I would like to remotely reset them using the XStick… but I would still need the PAN ID to connect to them.