How to restart application in GDB (with the Raven debugger)

I’m always exiting the debugger and restarting it again to start debugging my application from the beginning again…
This is not very practical because I loose all my watches and it takes time to download the application!

Is it possible to restart the application in GDB (gdb or gdbtk)?



There is a check box in the “connect to target” panel (“more option”). Have you tried this?


You can restart without exiting by changing the PC (Program counter) content to the start address. However this will not bring the hardware registers to their reset values.

Hi Paul

I ever start first the OCD Remote and then the GDBTK from the cygwin shell with the command arm-elf-gdbtk -se image.elf. Then the connection to the target will be automatically established. Then I choose Run->Download or I type load into the console window to download the application. After downloading I press the continue icon or I type c to run the application…
Of course it works too if I don’t specify the file as option (-se image.elf) and load the image.elf from File->Open. Then Run->Download and Continue.

Now (on a breakpoint, somwhere debugging in code or if I pressed STOP) I would like to restart my application without downloading the hole application again… But how?

If I choose now Run->Connect to Target the debugger tells me “Successfully connected”.
If I press the Run-Icon the debugger tells me “A program is currently being debugged. Do you want to restart?” If I click Yes, the “Target Selection” dialog appears (Screenshot attached). If I click now OK this dialog appears again and again…

What did you mean exactly?


Sorry I meaned the “continue from last Stop” button. I tried some times ago and and I am not sure it works properly, but it could work with you (?)…