How to return a list of available Networks, C++


I’m working on an wireless communication system between a transmitter and up to two receivers.

We are building an application on Windows 10 IOT (running on a raspberry pi), and what I want is for the user to be able to select which transmitter he is connected to.

To be precise, in my system we could run into a situation where we have one receiver in range of up to 4 transmitters, but I want my receiver to only connect to one of the transmitters, and accept commands from only one of the transmitters, which they will select from a GUI interface.

Are there libraries or an SDK for use with this such that I can include some functionality related to the XCTU program? Or do I have to go through the CLI included with XCTU? Ideally we’d like to use Visual C++, or C#.

The RF module I’m using for my application is a xBee USB Adapter Pro S1.


There is no sample coded but really the XCTU is only running the radios AT commands. So as long as your application can enter command mode, issue the ATND and ATDN commands, or use API mode. You should be ale to do the same things as XCTU.