Stting up Zigbee network with X-CTU 6.3.2

I’m trying to setup a zigbee network with 2 XB24C27WIT-004 modules using X-CTU 6.3.2 .I have bought XBee USB explorer (CP2102) for configuring through USB. I have used two laptops and added the two modules respectively in X-CTU. The function is set to ZIGBEE TH Reg(product family- XB24C) for both. I have changed DL of one XBee to MY of another XBee and vice-versa. I opened serial connection in console windows for both modules and typed in console of one window but the message didn’t appear in other console window. I am able to find other module using “discover radio nodes in the same network” button. But I couldn’t send message through console. Is there any function to be changed or are there any configuration mistakes?

Instead of using the MY parameter, use the input the SH and SL of the receiving radio into the DH and DL of the transmitting radio. The MY parameter is only used for addressing with the 802.15.4 and XTend protocols.