how to setup a mesh network? with xbee Pro- and ConnectPort x4

Hello everyone!

Well I can see the need to public other topic about my project because I need all possible assintance.

My project is about a Wireless Network sensor, I need to read the measured of ph sensor and to transmit this information to Data Base and to show in other user interface.

Now I can read the pins state of each module and extract the value and display in the console of the Digi ESPe( this program help me with the python scripts because it pack up all library and up to Connect Port X4).

So I need to organize my network with mesh network. I have read about this configuration but the papers no say about the how configure us routers or what is the correct firware_? I have all kit ZNET 2.5 802.15.4 with 3 Xbee-PRO ans 2 Xbee-Series 2.

Please I can help with other setting if you need… but helpe with this… thanks.


You have posted same question in two different forums.

Refer the below thread,,9660


Does the solution of this question available somewhere in this forum?