What module I need to use?


I need to set up a sensor network for an hotel. Each room will have a central node + some RF sensors + some RF actuators.

I would like to do a point-to-point communication from the sensors to the central room node, a point-to-multipoint communications from the central node to each actuator, and a mesh among all the room nodes and the Internet gateway.

I know what modules I need to use to implement each of these topologies, but I don’t know what to use for implementing all together.

For sensors and actuators, I would need a basic XBee module or XBee PRO.

For the Internet gateway I would need the CONNECTPORT X4.

But what do I need for the central room node? It is possible to implement this network using only one XBee module for the room node? Or do I need to use more than one?

Thanks in advanced,


You can’t individually define modules for point to point or mesh networking. Networking typologies are feature of Network protocol, therefore either all the nodes of network will be following mesh network or none.

In my opinion, Zigbee 2.4GHz modules should be ideal for your setup. All sensor nodes can be configured as End Devices with central node of room being Router node and parent of all End Devices of room.

Connect Port X4 gateway can be used as Coordinator of whole network as you mentioned.

Pro and non-pro modules have no difference except network range. If rooms size is suitably small then non-pro modules can be configured as End Device and Pro modules can be used for Router nodes.