How to setup XBee S6B in Ad Hoc Mode ?


I want to make a little tracking system with my XBee S6B (and an app on my android). I’ve setup my Xbee S6B in Ad Hoc Mode with an Xbee Explorer and it’s works fine. My app detect the SSID (or MAC ADDR) of the XBee and with the dbm i can locate it in my flat.

Now, i want to put the XBee in little box with a battery.
But i don’t know if i can just put the supply or if i need an electronic circuit to do that?

I tried to put 3,3V on the PIN 1 and 10 but it’s don’t works

(i don’t need to transfert / connect, just to broadcast the SSID)

Thanks for your help.

There are two possible problems.
First, when turned on and when transmitting the XBee WiFi may be drawing more current than the batteries can provide causing the voltage to drop below what we need.
To remedy this you would connect a super-capacitor (between voltage and ground.)
Second, check that your batteries are providing the correct voltage (3.14 - 3.46 VDC) if you are outside this range the unit will shut down. A small voltage regulator can fix this.

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Thanks for your answer.
In input, i have 3,30 VDC (i put a Voltage Regulator LD1117V33).
What kind of super capacitor, can i use?


how are you communicating with the Xbee ? UDP , TCP ?
I’m trying to do something similar and would love to see code examples.