How to store the reeived data wirelessly?


Currently, I’m doing a project using Xbee Series 1 (Function:802.15.4).
For Coordinator, I connected the Xbee in API2 mode and transmit data continuously using Xbee Consoles mode (Xbee API Frame Generator Frame Type: 0x01 Tx(Transmit)Request: 16-bit address)
For End Devices, I connected the Xbee with Arduino UNO to read the packets.
However, I would like to store the data from the multiples end device.
Is there any method to store the data?
Is it possible for the end device to receive the packet and transmit the packet for another XBee?


No, not in an 802.15.4 network. Only Zigbee networks where Routers exists can data be forwarded on from one node to the next.