how to transmit signal using a Zigbee antenna Series 2?


I recently bought this zigbee antenna . However, I don’t know how to configure it to transmit data. I read the manual but I’m still stuck with making it work.

What I would like to do with this antenna is very simple: feeds to the antenna a byte and transmit that byte into the air, and then receive the byte with another antenna that is connected through a USB port to a laptop. However, I don’t know what pins I should use and how to use them.

If someone is experienced with this, please shed some light.

Many thanks!


there are two modes you can use your XBees.

  1. AT mode (transparent mode)
  2. API mode

For the beginning AT mode is easier, I think. The AT mode act like a (wireless) serial cable.
Everything you send to XBee A is received from XBee B and vica versa. There are paired.
To accomplish this you have to configure your two XBee devices correctly.

  1. Both devices needs to use the same PAN ID (Personal area network id)
  2. XBee A needs to know the address of XBee B
  3. XBee B needs to know the address of XBee A

To configure your devices I suggest to use the tool named X-CTU. You can download it from Digi’s support page.

The XBee address consists of two parts, a low part and a high part. Each part is 8 byte big. The whole address is 16 byte big. You can find the address from the bottom of your XBee devices.
To set the XBee B address on the XBee A device. You need to set ATDL (AT Destination Low) and ATDH (AT Destination High) register with the address of XBee B.

Thanks awaiK!

I’m trying to interface the antenna with the EK-LM3S8962 microcontroller. However my knowledge about hardware interfacing is limited and I haven’t figure out what pins from the antenna to use.

There are 2 GPIO pins available on the microcontroller so I guess I can use these pins to send a byte to the antenna but I don’t know what pins on the antenna module I should use to send the bytes? Have you experienced with interfacing the antenna with a microcontroller? Or do you know any tutorial from digi that could help me learn about this?

Many thanks!

I have no expeciance in connecting XBee modules to a micocontroller.

On page 13 of the XBee’s manuel you see the pin mapping.
At least you have to use Pin 1-3 and 10
Pin 1 and 10 for the power supply
Pin 2 and 3 for the Serial Communication

Are you sure your LM3S8962 has a COM Port?

It does have COM port. However, it’s a virtual COM interface, which can be accessed through USB.

I just learned that the LM3S8962 has 2 UART pins. So should I use one of these pins to connect with the DOut pin (pin 2) on the antenna to transmit data into the air? In other words, beside using pins 1 and 10 for the power supply, pin 2 for DOut, and adjusting the baud rate to match with the antenna, do I need to do any other configurations or wire other pins to make the antenna to transmit data into the air?

Many thanks!


this is a video-based tutorial:
Little Tutorial on the NetduinoMini and XBee Connections