How to uninstall SW ?

I travel for work and brought a Rabbit uC on the road (RCM5700) - I downloaded and installed their SW on my work computer - big mistake. Now it is giving Popups! Ads for their spring special. SALE

This does not show as INSTALLED in windows

I can not see any folders in Programs or x86 folders under Digi, Rabbit, Dynamic (that is their C IDE) - and can not see anything in Startup (msconfig).

Would rather not just delete the folder anyway - since I do not know how they are doing a popup in windows. I need to remove ALL of this.

– now that this happened I have to remove my arduino and msVS, because the IT group knows and is reviewing my installs! Dammit

The Dynamic C installer for the RCM5700 installs to a directory like C:\DCRABBIT_10.72 by default, and I doubt it is responsible for the popup ads you’re seeing. I’ve installed multiple versions of it over 15+ years and never had that experience. I’ve personally built the installers for 10.72A and 10.72B and they don’t include anything like what you’re describing.

It appears in add/remove software as “Dynamic C” and you can easily uninstall it there.

It doesn’t automatically launch anything on startup, so that’s why you don’t see it in msconfig.

Who’s advertising a “Spring Special Sale” in those popups? Digi International? Can you share some screenshots?

Perhaps an app like Ad-aware or Malwarebytes can find the software responsible for the popups and uninstall it.