how to use xbee as a repeater ? without using micro controller in api mode?

how to use xbee as a repeater ? without using micro controller in api mode?

You haven’t mention, which XBee variant are you referring to?

Usually you do not need to do anything special for module to act as repeater, if its capable of doing so.

We have done this exact thing with XBee 802.15.4 modules. In our situation, we were receiving temperature data from a building that was just over a small hill. It could not receive the data because the line-of-sight transmission was blocked by the hill. So, we placed one XBee module high enough so it could see the distant building and it repeated the received information to a third XBee at our base computer.

This middle XBee was just a repeater for the data from the remote building. So, it acts like a simple one-way range extender.

The key configurations for the XBee’s is the MY and DL addresses. In our case, we used this:
Remote DL = 8
Repeater MY = 8
Repeater DL = 9
Base MY = 9

And the hardware for the Repeater is to provide 3.3v power and ground and put a jumper from DOUT to DIN. No microprocessor is needed. What ever comes to the Repeater XBee is sent out the UART DOUT and immediately put back into it’s UART DIN and then sent out to the Base XBee.

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xbee s2 .( zb24-z7WIT-004)

thank you for sharing your experience

its working with AT mode .

what about api mode ?

That part number you provided does not hold true with the settings you listed above. IF you are using a Zigbee mesh module (XBP24Z or XB24Z)then all you need to do is have the default firmware install and not a sleep mode (Router AT or API) and it will act as a router. Then send your data from any node within the network and the node with the matching SL and SH of the senders DL and DH will output the data.

For API mode the same as the answer below holds true except the difference is that in the TX request packet, you include the 64 bit address of who it is you want to send the data to instead of the DL and DH addresses.