Xbee repeater API mode

I have established an Xbee Pro s2b network on API Mode to transfer data from field applications to a PC, but I need to add an Xbee Repeater to improve the communication distance.

I wish to put an Xbee Pro s2b, that only repeats the message that it receives, to work as a middle node. I know how to make it with a micro-controller, but I want to make it standalone because it is going to be powered by batteries, so that is the challenge for me: make it standalone.

I haven’t found any concrete information about it. Could you give me directions please?

Thank you very much.

Just add a 3rd node that has “ZigBee Router” firmware on it.

Once it is connected to the coordinator of the network, it will just automatically forward any messages that are meant for other destinations.

Thank you DystopianFerret for your answer.

Very nice! But what if the coordinator on the PC could get the signal directly, would it receive two packages? The direct package and also a package redirectioned by the router we added?

No, you will only receive one message.