How to verify remote wake up with two XBees?


I’m using two XBees(A and B) to implement remote wake-up with async cyclic mode. Configure A as “Indirect Msg Coordinator”, and the B as “Indirect Msg Poller”. For A, the SO mode is Normal while B’s SO mode is “Async syclic sleep”. Finally, configure DL and DH respectively.

From the doc, B wakes up periodically and send poll request, and A can send Indirect message to B.

I’m using X-CTU to configure A and B and in console working mode, what kind of commands I can send from A to B? I mean how to send Indirect message from A to B in X-CTU, to verify my configuration?

Thanks a lot.

All you need to do at this point is to just start sending data with hardware flow control enabled. If you so desire, you can just simple send text via the two terminal windows.