Waking up XBee from remote location??????

Hi I’m an student from sriLanka. I would like to find out if i can wake up the xbee from a remote loction by using another xbee module when its initially in the sleep mode…
Please help it’s for my final year project…

There isn’t any way to do this directly, using Indirect Messaging with Cyclic Sleep would be the only way.

The way this works is that you’d setup your end node to sleep for a specified period. When it wakes up it would poll the parent device for messages addressed to it, do whatever it needed in response to those messages, then go back to sleep. There is another possiblity called “pin wake”. You’ll want to check section 4.3 of the following manual to find out more info on sleeping and options available (assuming ZNet 2.5, since the XBee type wasn’t mentioned in your e-mail and it was put in the Cellular forum so I couldn’t tell):


Also, here is an article on indirect messaging. Though it was written with 802.15.4 protocol in mind, its applicable to ZNet 2.5 as well: