How to wake up XBee Hibernating


I have an XBee PRO Series 1, and I’ve set the SM option at 1 (Hibernate).
The problem is that now, the associate led of the XBee shield is off, and not blink, and so I can’t reconnect to the XBee to reconfigure it, and I don’t know how can I connect to it.

I’ve tried the Bootloader but I’ve not response from my XBee.

you have any idea that might be?

Thanks a lot!

Another problem I have with XBee is when I upload a code to Arduino board, when the board is unplugged, it seems to lost all the code from EPROM and I’ve to upload again, otherwise it doesn’t works!

I’m using the XBee shield 3.0 from (sorry about the SPAM), but I don’t know why it’s happening this and it and if it could be because the shield.